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Processing steps of deep groove ball bearing

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In order to make thedeep groove ball bearing  can get better performance, the general manufacturers will process procedures, which can not only improve the quality of the deep groove ball bearing, but also improve the beauty of the bearing and reduce the degree of friction. In order to understand the processing process of deep groove ball bearing more comprehensively, we will make the following detailed introduction.

Machining process steps of deep groove ball bearing:

1. Tube blank processing: the bearing steel is heated to 1150 ℃~ 1200 ℃ in the heating furnace, and the heated tube blank is pierced by a piercing machine to make a blank tube;

2. Spheroidizing annealing: the capillary is spheroidized and annealed, and the hardness range of the annealed capillary is hrb88-94;

3. Hot rolling of tube blank: the annealed tube is sent into the heating furnace for secondary soaking; the tube after secondary soaking is rolled into a tube by reducing diameter, reducing wall and extending rolling;

4. Tube blank shaping and cutting: the raw pipe passes through the sizing unit for sizing and shaping, and then straightens and cuts to form a set;

5. Recrystallization annealing: recrystallization annealing treatment is carried out on the package to eliminate work hardening, so as to facilitate cold rolling;

6. Soft grinding Kit: the double end faces of the soft grinding kit are first ground, then the outer circle of the soft grinding kit. The double end faces are first ground and then the outer circle is ground. The outer circle is processed through the end face fitting, so as to ensure that the outer diameter surface of the parts is always on the same plane with the supporting plate, the taper of the outer diameter is within the control range, and the angle relationship between the two grinding wheels in the double end face grinding process is adjusted The parallel error of the end face is controlled, and the precision of the end face is used as the datum plane of the subsequent processing;

7. Finish hole of the kit: drill stop bolt hole and oil hole on the surface of the kit, roughen the inner hole surface of the kit to prepare for the cold rolling inner hole surface;

8. Cold rolling Kit: for cold rolling of raceway of deep groove ball bearing ring, there are six stages of feed speed of core roller in the process of cold rolling, the speed range is 0.4mm/s ~ 1.0mm/s, the track of speed curve in a processing cycle is fast, slow, slow, until stop; the rolling time is between 6S and 14s, and the rolling pressure is 80KN;

9. Turning Kit: chamfering and sealing groove for the kit;

10. Finish grinding Kit: finish grinding kit to improve the surface precision of the kit;

11. Installation of bearings: put balls between rings, install cages, inject grease, install seals, and complete the assembly of deep groove ball bearings.

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