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Causes of oil leakage and overheating of motor bearings

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Causes of motor bearing oil leakage: bearing oil leakage is common for old motors with long operation time and poor working environment, which is mainly caused by product quality aging and function decline. For example: the old motor will often have shell paint peeling off, in this way, over a long period of time, the equipment body will form rust spots, and leakage points will be produced after breakdown.

For the newly installed vertical motor, there are three reasons for oil leakage of deep groove ball bearing: ① the quality of motor is not ideal; ② the selection of lubricating grease is improper; ③ the maintenance method is not appropriate.

The quality of the motor is not ideal and the sealing of the motor is abnormal or poor, which is the conventional cause of bearing oil leakage. The sealing surface is not perfect, there are congenital deficiencies due to design, manufacturing and other reasons, correspondingly, there are also acquired defects in the operation process, such as: the sealing surface aging, cracking, the result is bound to form leakage points. The specific performance is as follows:

(1) The contact surface between the bearing seat and the bearing cover is uneven or there are cracks on the joint surface;

(2) The axial cavity clearance between bearing and bearing cover is too large;

(3) There are sand holes on the bearing housing casting;

(4) The screw thread of the joint on the bearing seat is slipping, and the tightening force is not strong.

The causes of bearing overheating are as follows:

(1) The bearing cover is not machined correctly or burr is produced by knocking during assembly, which causes local friction and overheating between bearing caps;

(2) When the frame and bearing are manufactured, there are large deviations, poor matching or the surfaces of the inner and outer rings of the bearing are not parallel, resulting in cumulative heating effect;

(3) The grease itself is not pure or contains a certain amount of iron filings and sand dust, and it is heated due to dry friction when the motor rotates;

(4) The coupling assembly of the motor is not correct, forming a certain eccentricity to overheat the bearing.

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