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Six points for attention in judging whether the bearing is repaired or not

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When judging whether the disassembled deep groove ball bearing can be reused, it is necessary to check the state of raceway surface, rolling surface and mating surface, the wear condition of cage, whether the bearing clearance increases, and whether there is damage or abnormality affecting the dimension accuracy decline. For non separated small ball bearings, use one hand flat end inner ring and rotate outer ring to confirm whether it is smooth.

The raceway surface of rolling element and outer ring can be inspected separately for separate bearing such as bearing.

Since large bearings cannot be rotated by hand, pay attention to the appearance of rolling elements, raceway surfaces, cages, flange surfaces, etc. the higher the importance of bearings, the more careful inspection is required.

When judging whether the deep groove ball bearing can be reused, it should be determined according to the damage degree, mechanical properties, importance, operating conditions, inspection period and other related factors of the linear bearing. However, if the following defects are found during the inspection, the bearing can not be used any more and needs to be replaced with a new one.

Six points for attention in regular maintenance of deep groove ball bearing:

1. The raceway surface, rib and rolling element are obviously jammed.

2. The cage is seriously worn or rivets are loose.

3. The raceway surface and rolling element are rusty and scarred.

4. There are obvious indentation and mark on rolling surface and rolling body.

5. There is creep on the inner diameter of inner ring or outer diameter of outer ring.

6. Any one of the inner and outer rings and the rolling element has peeling off.

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