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The function of deep groove ball bearing matching and its selection skill

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Deep groove ball bearing is an important part of machinery, which can also be said to be mechanical joints. Like us, if there is no joint, it will not work. If people do not have joints, they will be paralyzed. What is the role of that? Then there is no use. The same is true of machinery. Without bearings, machinery can not be used. Therefore, machinery cannot live without bearings. Without bearings, it can not live, which is equivalent to waste products. The use method of bearing is very complicated. Some rolling bearings need to be used together. The general technical personnel know this knowledge, but ordinary people certainly don't know it. Let's introduce the use and requirements of this rolling bearing, and lay a foundation for you to be familiar with the bearing in the future.

The following four points should be paid attention to when selecting the fit:

The circumferential surface of the ring of deep groove ball bearing should be well supported and evenly stressed to reduce deformation and give full play to the bearing capacity.

The ferrule should not slide along the tangent direction in its mating surface, otherwise the mating surface will be damaged.

The free end bearing must be able to adapt to the length change of shaft and bearing seat hole, that is, it must have the ability to adapt to the axial position in a certain range.

Attention must be paid to make the bearing installation and disassembly simple, labor-saving, time-saving and expenditure saving.

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