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How does grease work in bearings

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The thickener is made up of reticulated soap fibers and functions like a container for lubricating oil. If a sponge is squeezed, the water will flow out, and the grease will be discharged like a sponge. However, the grease in the deep groove ball bearing is rarely directly squeezed to drain oil. When a newly lubricated bearing is running in, the grease will move in the inner space of the bearing.

The main reason for the grease to drain to the sliding surface is not the mechanical operation, but the temperature rise of the grease around the deep groove ball bearing. Enough oil must reach the sliding surface, and the selected grease must be suitable for the type and operating conditions of the bearing. Some special requirements, for example, for bearings used in vibration, if the grease used is not stable enough, it will be vibrated into or thrown out of the bearing continuously, which will cause the structure collapse of metal soap and destroy the grease.

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