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How to distinguish the authenticity of deep groove ball bearing

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1. First of all, look at the material used in bearing steel. The steel for deep groove ball bearing in Germany is produced by our own professional steel-making plant, which is higher in hardness and precision than the fake deep groove ball bearing.

2. Deep groove ball bearing adopts high input marking equipment. In order to establish enterprise brand image and prevent products from being counterfeited, the manufacturer of deep groove ball bearing adopts laser marking machine, hoping to control product counterfeiting with high investment while setting up enterprise image and connecting with international standards. Because of the advantages of computer control of excitation cursor recorder, convenient editing of marking font and size, etc Effectively prevent counterfeiting.

3. Observation method. Observe the rolling bearing with naked eyes, the inner and outer raceways shall be free of spalling marks and severe wear, and shall be in the shape of an arc groove; all rolling elements shall be free from spots, cracks and peeling; the cage shall not be loose, damaged or worn through, and the clearance between the cage and the rolling element is not large.

4. Hand feeling method. The clearance between inner and outer race of normal bearing and rolling element is 0.005 ~ 0.010 mm. For the rolling bearing which has been used for one stage, there should be no obvious noise when holding the inner race with fingers for axial shaking.

5. Rotation method. If the inner race of the bearing is clamped with one hand and the outer race is turned with the other hand, the bearing shall be able to rotate flexibly without any radial shaking.

6. Of course, it depends on the price. If the price is much lower than normal, it may be fake. It is suggested not to buy it. After all, one cent is worth of goods.

7. The right purchase channel is an effective way to stop the fake products. Choosing a regular way to purchase deep groove ball bearings is absolutely a once and for all method.

During the inspection, the above experience methods should be combined to make correct judgment on the technical state of rolling bearing. For tapered roller bearings, it should also be observed whether the rolling element is located in the middle of the outer race. If it moves forward, it should not exceed 1.5mm. In addition to the above identification method, it can also be distinguished from the color and accuracy.

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